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Protect Your Life, Family, and Employees

If something happened to you, would the financial future of your loved ones be protected? Help ease your mind with coverage that you and your family can rely on.

70% of all households said they would have trouble covering everyday living expenses after several months if the primary wage earner passes away.

There are different kinds of life insurance policies, each meeting different needs. The section below illustrates the difference between term life, whole life, and universal life insurance.

Term Life Insurance
Offers affordable death benefit protection for a set period of time with the option to convert your policy to one of our permanent solutions should your circumstances change.

Universal Life Insurance
Offers a death benefit with no lapse while providing flexibility with premium payments and the potential to build cash value—and earning a minimum interest rate.

Whole life insurance
Is the most common type of permanent life insurance, also known as traditional life insurance. With whole life insurance a death benefit is paid to a policyholder’s beneficiary.

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