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BOP Insurance

Business Owners Policy is a type of business insurance policy that combines commercial property insurance and business liability insurance into one comprehensive package.

In most cases, BOP insurance coverage protects your business from first-party losses such as fire, theft, vandalism, and other similar events. BOP insurance can also provide additional protection for liability claims involving property damage and bodily injury to others, such as injuries occurring at your physical location or accidental damage to a customer's belongings.

Better yet, BOP insurance is customizable. While the commercial property insurance and business liability insurance portions act as the foundation of your protection, there are optional coverages you can add to the policy to help further protect your unique business.

A BOP is practical insurance for small business owners with limited employees and only one physical location. It provides peace of mind by protecting your business against accidental loss or damage. Beyond that, having one inclusive insurance policy means not making two separate premium payments or keeping up with two policy contracts. In addition, in some instances, the cost of purchasing BOP insurance provides significant savings over buying individual policies.

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