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To all of our clients,


During this crazy time for the safety of our staff and customers, our staff will be working remotely from their homes. We are open for business as usual and we can tell you , we will be there for all your insurance needs. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (914) 693-3500. We'd like to invite you at this time to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay connected with any news we have to share.


Our best wishes to you and your family as we navigate the days ahead together. Please stay safe and thank you for your patronage!


The Staff at the MVR Insurance Agency



There Are Many Insurance Agencies - But Only One McCartney, Verrino & Rosenberry.


With more than eight decades of experience passed down from generation to generation, McCartney, Verrino & Rosenberry has the unique expertise and connections to provide you with the best protection for the best price for all your insurance needs.


Why pay more for insurance, when you can have better service and better protection for less? Call for a friendly evaluation of your coverage today.

McCartney, Verrino & Rosenberry

We hope you'll never need us... but we'll be there if you do.

Special Programs

You're Entitled to a Complimentary Insurance Review

If you live in NY, NJ or CT you can arrange for a review of your insurance, in your home or office. We'll look at your coverage, and what you're paying, and see what we can do to give you better protection for less.


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On-Line Quotes are now available for:

Covid-19 & Statutory Disability & Family Leave Coverage

How is COVID-19 quarantine defined under the NY law? Under what circumstances does a quarantine qualify for benefits under this act? Until the Federal program (“Families First Coronavirus Response Act”) becomes effective in April, NY State is helping fill the void on the State level for employees who can’t work while under quarantine. Please click on the links below to learn more.

Coronavirus & Workers' Compensation


What makes an illness an “occupational illness” and compensable under workers’ compensation? More specifically, how does workers’ compensation respond to the latest viral panic, the Coronavirus? 


Are You Traveling Abroad?

International travel can become a scary situation if you’re not prepared for a medical emergency. Most travelers assume they’re already covered by their standard medical plan—but that isn’t always the case. While domestic plans provide sufficient coverage at home, most are not designed to provide the coverage and assistance required for international travel. Don’t let your medical coverage be an uncertainty.

Did You Know You Could Save 10%?


You can save money and reduce your Auto Insurance Costs by 10% by completing a drivers safety course.

Defensive Driving Online



Traverse, by Travelers

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Traverse, by Travelers