History of MVR Insurance Agency in Ardlsey, NY

Our History - How MVR All Started

It was back in 1888 when James McCartney, founder of The McCartney Agency, emigrated to the U.S. from Scotland. He worked as a mason, laying foundations and building homes while raising a family of nine. By the turn of the century, he saw that Ardsley was growing rapidly and decided to open a small real estate office. James McCartney Real Estate, established in 1900, became a local success. In 1923, when his son Arthur joined the firm, they decided to add the insurance operation to the business. Though hit hard by the "Great Depression" of 1929, they managed to stay afloat through very difficult times.

By the 1940s, as World War II brought in a booming economy, the business grew. The next generation, Arthur G. McCartney and Ward Thorpe (a brother-in-law) joined the agency. Both good salesmen, they believed the continued strength of the company would depend on its local community involvement with The Chamber of Commerce, Volunteer Fire Dept. and other professional organizations.

They were also responsible for incorporating the business. It was their vision that by offering better wages and employee benefits, client service would improve dramatically. And it did.

Today, the agency is owned and operated by the fourth generation, Scot A. McCartney and John Verrino. With a fully licensed staff, The McCartney, Verrino & Rosenberry Insurance Agency does business in multiple states which includes separate sales, marketing, and service divisions.

Although their core visions are the same as the forefathers, their continued success depends on keeping up with sophisticated technology while maintaining the personal service that James McCartney dedicated himself to over 100 years ago.

James McCartney; McCartney Insurance

Pictured: Arthur McCartney, 2nd Generation

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