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Individual and Group Health Insurance
Individual and Group Health Insurance

United Healthcare Covid19 Update


United Healthcare has developed an informational document on Covid19. It goes into detail on the illness, guidance, testing, virtual visits, treatment, coverages and so much more!


Download the packet here



Health insurance is very important and the MVR Insurance Agency offers both Individual and Group Health Insurance products.

Group Health Insurance

If you’re a business looking for Group Health Insurance, contact us at 914-693-3500. We can discuss your needs and review your options to find the most appropriate program to satisfy your needs.

Individual Health Insurance

Personal health insurance protects you and your family from a potentially catastrophic financial loss from a major illness. Even if you’re healthy, you need health insurance.

We find that a majority of customers may find it confusing when shopping on their own in the private and public health insurance marketplaces, that’s when they turn to us for help. If you’re swamped and don’t have a great deal of time, consider contacting us for help, we’re experts in this area and can provide you with all your available options. Using our services wont cost you a cent, and we'll do all of the hard work of finding the most suitable plan for your needs.

Unlike a captive insurance agent, we're an independent broker, which means we can provide you with plans from a variety of companies. Using us as your insurance broker means your plan won't cost you any more than if you purchased it on your own.

We can help you shop for - find and enroll in the health insurance plan that’s right for you. We can compare insurance options and prices, calculate costs and enroll you in the best coverage available. Having insurance coverage to see a physician regularly can help you avoid illness and catch health problems early, when they’re much easier to handle physically, emotionally and financially. Don’t allow a lack of medical health insurance lead you to a health crisis or medical personal bankruptcy.

The MVR Insurance Agency is ideally suited to provide you with the health insurance information you need.

Call us at 914-693-3500 or fill in the information on this page to have one of our experts provide you with a instant quote.

Remember planning ahead and purchasing the right policy will ensure a stress free future for you and your family. Contact us today.

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